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Writing product/service descriptions is a highly converting task that is mighty important and critical to your business. With so many online shopping websites and nearly unlimited products and services, you need to get your descriptions right or you won’t stand a chance. Target the pain points of your potential customers, do your research on your competitors, and make sure you are not just spilling random details about the product or service.

Product/Service Description is the first point of contact between your customer and your product, and sets the stage for everything that follows. Product descriptions should therefore be concise, well-written, carefully researched, and designed to target specific pain points in the customer’s buying journey.

Each order includes:

– High converting descriptions.

– 1 call to action per product/service.

– Original titles for each product/service.

– Bullet points.

– Up to 3 targeted keywords

– Research your competitors and find opportunities for improvement.

– Target the Pain Points immediately.

– Use Niche-based language that customers will understand.

– Focus on benefits, not features.

Order today and convert those clicks into sales!


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